Autism at work programme

In association with the Bloomfield Trust and the National Autistic Society the Autism at Work programme aims to increase the number of autistic people in sustainable paid employment by making employers aware of autistic talent and the benefits of a truly neurodiverse workforce.

Through this programme, we support employers to attract, recruit and retain autistic employees.  We promote accessible role to autistic job seekers through our networks and support applicants through the recruitment process. We then offer ongoing coaching support to successful candidates and to their managers to create the best possible conditions for success.

Autism at Work Programme
Case Study

Offering an internship to an autistic candidate was an exciting opportunity to help make a difference to someone’s career prospects and overcome the workplace challenges that autistic candidates often face.

There was a certain level of knowledge about autism within the organisation, but there is always room for improvement; so working together with the NAS was an excellent springboard to increase awareness amongst the organisation.

We considered some of the typical skills that an autistic candidate possesses, along with where these skills would fit nicely into our business. The Data Team was the perfect choice and we were confident the team could also offer learnings and ongoing development opportunities to the successful candidate.

We hoped to offer the successful candidate valuable work experience, an environment for confidence building and insightful learnings, especially given our business start up mode. As an organisation we hoped to gain learnings ourselves and to build a relationship that was both rewarding and worthwhile.

We were so impressed by the passion behind the Autism at Work programme and the positive changes in Society that they were aiming to achieve. It was evident that a lot of planning and consideration had been undertaken to launch the programme.

The NAS held our hand throughout the entire journey! Everything from job advertisement content, to on site support on the day of the interviews (for both the candidates and interview panel), through to detailed team awareness training, company wide training and more. 

With the guidance and support from the NAS, it was easy to make the necessary reasonable adjustments required. The team themselves showed a great level of understanding and naturally took a very accommodating approach.

Our overall experience of the Autism at Work programme has been so positive and a joy! The knowledge and support provided has been second to none. The programme has certainly increased our colleagues’ confidence about working with an autistic team member.


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